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For foreign couples

Would you like to have a wedding in the countryside of Japan?
Produced anywhere in Japan. Arrange the wishes of two people.

Nice to meet you
My name is Hitomi Okazawa.
I established a wedding company after serving as a wedding planner in the Ritz-Carlton Osaka.
I am working on the production of weddings in a romantic and powerful country in Japan.
There are more than 700 weddings I have been in charge of so far.
It combines the best hair makeup artists, photographers, movie creators, and flowlists to create beautiful, luxury spaces.
If you are thinking about high quality wedding in Japan, please let me know anything.

Congratulations on your marriage!

Why don't you have a safe, beautiful, mysterious, romantic wedding ceremony for both of us in Japan?

We can provide the spirit of hospitality, luxury and romantic space, and the pictures and photos with sense.

Successful weddings in Japan are important.
We have planned more than 700 luxury couples in Japan.

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka and other luxury hotels, as well as the other, are currently working on the Ruggury Wedding in the countryside, Japan's secret.

We are also confident that we can reproduce places and content that will meet your needs.

Please designate our group of creators to arrange wedding ceremonies in Japan.










Kyoto weddings are attracting attention from all over the world.
They wear traditional Japanese kimonos and hold wedding ceremonies at temples.
You can also arrange a long-established Japanese restaurant for Japanese cuisine.
Please stay at a hotel and a ryokan and enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto.


Okinawa Kafu Resort

We produce weddings at beautiful hotels with a panoramic view of the sea.
The ceremony on the beach is romantic and gorgeous.
The beautiful sea of Okinawa and the wind celebrate them.
You can arrange accommodation in a suite with a jacuzzi bath or leave a party at a great restaurant.

Image by Roméo A.

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

It's a town where you can feel the history of Japan, which is called small Kyoto.

Great tourist spots such as the 21st Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa Castle and Kanemoku are gathered in small areas and are convenient for sightseeing.

The food was mainly fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, and Japanese eateries such as Noto beef took the trouble to see Kanazawa just for dinner.

Also, although not well known, Kanazawa is the most delicious sushi available in Japan at present.

Gourmet, why don't we have a wedding in a beautiful castle town?

If you stretch out your legs, there is a kagaya in Noto, which is said to be the best ryokan in Japan.

In addition, the Nagi Driveway has a photo spot where you can take beautiful photos where you can drive along the coast.

Wedding price:5 million yen for 30 weddings


Takacho, Hyogo Prefecture

The hotel is situated in a forest in Tama Town surrounded by beautiful mountains.
It's a place where most Japanese don't go,

but it has a wonderful garden and an atmosphere like an old castle.
Would you like to rent the hotel for three days and have a relaxing destination wedding?
Of course, it is possible to get a wedding in a garden surrounded by woods.
Photos and images can also be taken in a great natural location.
"As for the food, we have wonderful ingredients such as Kobe beef, rare herbs and spiny lobsters, and the chefs will serve us."

Wedding price:4million yen to 30 people


Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

The small island in the Seto Inland Sea has a calm port town with beautiful ocean and mountains of nature.
The storehouse that produces soy sauce is making historical Japanese food.
How about weddings in such places?
Shodoshima, where you can only go by ferry, is a quiet and secret place with few foreigners.
You can take pictures of the wedding on a road that appears on the ebb tide called Angel Road.
You can take fantastic and romantic photos.
It's a great store of food, including olive, Kobe beef, rich and fresh fish, so you can have delicious party dishes.
Wedding price:6 million yen to 30 people

Iojima, Nagasaki

How about the wedding in Nagasaki Island, where all rooms have ocean views terraced?
It is surrounded by the sea and nature, and you can reserve a spacious place for wedding.
The island is full of dynamic seas and beautiful nature.
The nostalgic lighthouse is also an impressive place.
A few minutes from Nagasaki station is filled with romantic places like the famous Oura Tenno, Glover Garden, and Holland Slope.
Wedding price:6 million yen to 30 people

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